PPAI 718095 | ASI 86186 | SAGE 51474
SE-W11U / Phone Sterilizer and Wireless Charging station

Your phone is the most important thing in your life now. You can't live without it. Just like taking a shower and changing new clothes, you will need to find the most effective way to clean your phone. This sterilizer and wireless charging station can sterilizer your phone from 99.99% of bacteria and viruses with UV light. Just put the phone on the station, it can wireless charge and sterilize it at the same time.

  • UV-C light disinfection (253.7nm)

  • Sterilizing timer: 15mins (auto off)

  • Kills 99.99% bacteria and germs

  • 10W fast wireless charging

  • Built-in USB port to charge additional device

  • Logo can be printed on the top of unit

  • Product color: White

Price (4C)