PPAI 718095 | ASI 86186 | SAGE 51474
SE-PBF60 / 6000mAh Power Bank with Fan

Hot summers require the cooling breeze from this 3-speed bladeless fan and power bank duo. IT will keep you cool and your devices charged during those summer activities like pool time, sport matches and exercising. Tilt fan output area to reach desired angle for the best breeze.

  • Small, portable power bank with fan includes 3 speed settings and 6000mAh battery capacity for charging devices via USB fast charge (5V/2A).

  • Power Bank with fan is easy to grip and hold in palm of hand. The detailed and stylish checkerboard textured pattern looks stylish while in use.

  • 3-speed bladeless fan works simultaneously while charging devices. Tilt wind outlet to get best angle of breeze.

  • Use power button to control charging and fan speed. Double click to turn on fan at max, then click again each time to decrease speed until turning off at fourth click. Can also hold power button to turn off.

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